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Offering simplified, mobile and paperless inspection software for documenting and protecting short-term stay properties

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Inspection software designed for short stay accommodation hosts and agencies

Short Term Let Inspection App for Hosts

For Hosts

Document your rental property throughout, log all contents to prove ownership, take embedded photos and videos, share your report with tenants.

Short Term Let Checklist App

For Guests

Comment on reports at check in right from your tablet or smartphone, upload your own photos and provide accommodation owners notes of any damages or missing items.

Short Term Let Inspections App for Managers

For Managers

Managing short-term stay properties on behalf of others? Provide a superior managed service and provide your clients logins to access and monitor their properties online.

Short Term Let Inspections App for Agencies

For Agencies

Managing multiple properties with multiple staff? Host Inspect provides team diaries and assisted scheduling of property visits to certify and document short-stay rentals at scale.

Protect yourself and your short-term stay property with Host Inspect

HostInspect allows short-term stay hosts the ability to do simple property audits in order to protect yourself and your belongings. Our software allows hosts the capability of generating professional reports by simply using a smartphone or tablet. Our goal is simple, protect hosts by providing vital documentation needed when submitting a damage claim.

Property Inventory Report Property Inventory Report Property Inventory Report Property Inventory Report Property Inventory Report
Pre-scheduled inspections make the process easy

Pre-scheduled inspections make the process easy

Completing weekly or monthly inspections of your short-term stay property allows you to stay on top of of any issues that may arise. Preformatted inspection templates make starting, completing and comparing previous inspection seamless.

Take the worry out of submitting damage claims

There is only one way to guarantee that your damage claim is approved by the home sharing company you are working with, and that’s by completing a Hostinspect report before a problem arises. Submitting a claim with most your recent HostInspect report guarantees there is no grey area as to what your property looked like before and after damage or injury occurred.

Protecting you from personal injury claims

Are you concerned about personal injury claims against you or your property? By utilizing the “property tour” section you will be able to document indoor and outdoor areas with time stamped and dated pictures.

Property Inventory & Inspection App
Inventory & Schedule of Condition Check In Interim Inspection Check Out

Generate maintenance checklists

Photos and descriptions of your property are dated for consistency. As a host you would now have the ability to easily show the platform or insurance company multiple reports side by side that are dated. Hosts simply add photos and comments by using their smartphone or tablet noting any damage (items that need repair or maintenance) Creating detailed uniformed reports (checklists) in a format the home sharing company has approved in minutes.

Capture digital signatures at check in

If you do personal check-ins at your property you would now have the opportunity to capture digital guest signatures on-site or remotely to reduce the potential for disputes about the properties condition. Hotels have been doing this for decades.

Inspection Digital Signatures

Peace of mind

There is only one way to have the peace of mind that if something were to happen to your shorty term rental property or your belongings that you would truly be covered.
That way is through Host Inspect.